All my Tavern Tales entries, to date.

A list of links to my entries for each month's theme in the Tavern Tales Community.
It is because of this community that I could break out of my anonymous shell and have the courage to post as myself. I don't know how I can ever thank the mods for that. I might not have the time or the energy to make something for all the themes, but I'll definitely try because this community has come to mean so much to me. (Also this is me pretending to be organized, when I am the opposite of that) I hope Tavern Tales has a long life span :)


February - First Time, Last Time, That One Time
        Fic - The Same old someone that I knew (Merlin/Gwen)

March - Neighbours, Roommates, Couch-Crashers
        Art - Two sides of the same flat (Merlin/Arthur)

May - Musicians, Artists, Writers
        Art - The craving in my bones (Merlin/Arthur)

June - Hackers, Robots, AI.
        Art - The EMRobot (Merlin/Arthur)
        Art - No Strings Attached (Maybe a few cables) (Merlin/Arthur or K9/Dalek)


June - Travels, Holidays, Destinations
        Art - PenDRAKON (Merlin/Arthur) (Possible WIP. If I ever get to it)

September - Back to School, Tests, Discipline
        Fic (Epistolary) - (Lovin you Darlin') Makes me so confused (Merlin/Arthur)
        Art - Welcome back (WIP) (Merlin/Arthur)

October - Fairies, Spells, Dark Nights
        Art (manip) - Come not near our Fairy Queen (Morgana)
        Art (manip) - Now it's time to Dream (Gwen)
        Fic (drabble) + Art (manip) - Collapsing inwards from skin to soul (Arthur)
        Art - Silvery hooves and Arthur's woes (Merlin and Arthur)
        Art (manip) - Flying fast inside the book of Endless Mystery (Merlin ladies - Gwen, Morgana, Mithian, Freya, Elena and Vivian.)
        Art (manip) - Bitter Sweet (Mithian/Vivian)

November - Buyin' it,Sellin' it, Saving' it
        Art (manip) - THE FRIGGING BANNER SMH [Thank you mods]
        Art - (Pretty Woman) Give Your Smile To Me (Morgana/Gwen) (WIP)


January - Arrangements, Betrothals, Matchmakers
         Art (manip) - Swipe Right for Destiny (Merlin/Arthur)
         Art (manip) - The Royal Mistress (Morgana/Gwen)
         *Under construction - A Merthur fic + Mithian/Elena art*

February - Messes, Mix-ups and Fuck-ups
        *under construction - A Merlin art + maybe a Merthur manip/Art*

June - Tattoos, Piercings, Markings
        Art (manip) - Make an anchor of that noose (For I'll live the way I choose) (Morgana)

For all my works, the link to my AO3 is on the sidebar. xx
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Viking Cols


Does anyone know if there is a reference image of Merlin performing magic through the ground? Like he is kneeling and pressing both hands on the ground? There has to be right? Please help me?

In return, maybe I could remind you of this?clickbaiting you allCollapse )
Morgana shush

May the bridges I've burnt light my way back

I have this idea of writing a canon!Morgana redemption arc fic. (I really love good Morgana okay?) But its just.. The words.. The words are not happening. I so want to write it, but I know myself, and I know that I might never get around to it. It frustrates me so much.

I don't want it to be like the worry woman fic, (which is an awesome fic btw, so if you haven't read it, you should. Plus, if I remember right, it had texasfandoodler's art as well. so)

I want angst, I want fluff, I want Morgana to have the right to be angry. I want it to be so much, but I can't get a single word out. :/

So many ideas, so little motivation...

(sorry for mangling the quote. I figured this fit better in this scenario)
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